Mouses & Keyboards

Mouse Keita

Mouse Keita - Black
Optical mouse. With soft touch, ergonomic body and in bold design. Presented in an individual box. Optical. Ergonomic

Computer Set Weis

Computer Set Weis - White
Computer set in an elegant monocolor design. Includes mini optical mouse with retractable cable, dual USB port with card reader: SM, SE/MMC, MS/MMSPRO, and retractable USB data cable. Presented in an elegant and resistant nylon case. 4 Accessories

Mini Mouse Yoiko

Mini Mouse Yoiko - Black
Mini optical mouse with retractable cable in bold colors. Presented in an individual box. Optical. Retractable Cable

Calculator Nebet

Calculator Nebet - Black
8-digit calculator in an original, brightly colored design with soft matching color keyboard. Button cell battery included with protective film and presented in an individual bo. Button Battery Included

Mousepad Vaniat

Mousepad Vaniat - White
Square design mousepad in soft polyester with bright tones and silicone non-slip base.

Keyboard Holder Tyrell

Keyboard Holder Tyrell - White
Bluetooth® keyboard with tablet holder function in soft PU leather finish. Compact design, in bold colors and rechargeable via mini USB cable -included-. Compatible with any operating system and presented in an attractive design box. Bluetooth Connection. USB Rechargeable. Cable Include

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Mousepad Roland

Mousepad Roland - White
Round design mousepad in soft polyester with bright tones and silicone non-slip base.

Mousepad Calendar Rendux

Mousepad Calendar Rendux - Grey
Calendar mousepad in assorted colors and soft PVC finish. Design current month in/previous month/next month. Padded non-slip base. 12 Months

Mousepad Photo Frame Pictium

Mousepad Photo Frame Pictium - White
Original mousepad with photo frame in a soft combination of PVC and EVA. For photographs of 10x15cm and with non-slip padded base. Photos Size: 15 x 10 cm

Mousepad Minet

Mousepad Minet - White
Mousepad with wrist-rest in soft, vivid range of colors polyester. Non-slip base in silicone, with padded rest to avoid stress and pain in the wrist joint. Padded Wrist Rest

Mousepad Exfera

Mousepad Exfera - Blue
High quality silicone mousepad with circular design. Surface in bright tones with non-slip base. Presented in an attractive design bag with cardboard reinforcement.
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